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White Sonora Whole Wheat Flour



An heirloom white wheat, Sonora is uniquely suited to our climate and though it is a whole grain flour, it’s mild and sweet flavor makes delicious bread, tortillas, cookies, pie dough, and pancakes.

After over a year's worth of work, we are very excited to introduce our whole grain Sonora Wheat Flour! A labor of love and proudly grown here in Brentwood, Ca. We first planted 10 acres in late 2018, harvested and cleaned it in late 2019 and we began milling in early 2020.

Sonora was the first wheat introduced to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico by Spaniards in the mid-1600s and was found to thrive in the arid climate. By the 1800s it was the most commonly grown wheat west of the Mississippi. Sonora Wheat is part of Slow Food America’s Ark of Taste, which acts as a “living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction” so we are happy to help continue this unique grain’s legacy. Our grain is milled in small batches by David Kaisel of Capay Mills in Esparto, CA.

Flour data: Protein:12.7% Ash:1.68% Gluten index: 73.0

Suggested Uses & Tips:

  • Great for bread, cookies, pancakes, and pie dough.
  • If you are new to baking with whole grain flour try using 50% Sonora and your 50% of your favorite flour.
  • Whole grain flour contains more bran than All-Purpose flour which means you might need to use more water in recipes calling for All-Purpose flour because bran is very absorptive.


  • 2lbs - 1x 2lbs bags
  • 4lbs - 2 x 2lbs bag
  • 8lbs - 4 x 2lbs bags

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Great Product and Wonderful Seller

I love this flour, it makes the best tortillas, there is no replacement for it and i was SO glad when i found that you carried it. Prompt service and delivery and reasonable prices for top quality products! Cant ask for more!

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