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2020 Pear Parade | Organic Fruit Club | 4 Shipments


Enjoy four deliveries of our precious, certified organic pears. Throughout the length of the program, you'll receive a tasty mix of our different pear varieties so that you may compare and contrast the different flavor profiles. All our European (Warren, Bosc and Taylor's Gold) pears are suitable for eating out of hand and work just as well in recipes. The Asian pears are refreshing, sweet and filled with juice. They are best enjoyed chilled. This fruit club is perfect for a seasoned pear lover and for someone who is looking to explore the tasty fall harvest from Frog Hollow.

Receive four shipments of pears (Asian and/or European Pears). Deliveries of this program are bi-weekly, but as with all our shipments, the fruit may be held based on quality, availability, and weather.

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