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We are excited to partner with Becky and Al's niece and nephew from Dirty Girl Produce to bring you their renowned Dry Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes. Dry Farmed Early Girls were introduced to the US from France in the 1970s. After the plants are established, irrigation is cut off, forcing the roots to grow deeper into the soil to seek water and nutrients. Though this stresses the plant, it results in an intensely sweet and flavorful tomato that uses minimal water.

Roast 'em! Grill 'em! Sauce 'em! Bake with 'em! Do what your heart desires with this tasty assortment of red tomatoes.

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2lbs = Approx. 6-14 fruits 4lbs = Approx. 16-32 fruits 8lbs = Approx. 34-60 fruits

As organic and regenerative farmers, we are dedicated to growing legendary fruit in a way that protects and nurtures our environment and soil. When not harvesting our own fruit we partner with other farms that share our commitment to producing legendary fruit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Patricia Schwartz
Making tomato jam

Tomatoes arrived in pristine condition and were ripe enough to make the jam. Due to their size, the seeding and coring was somewhat labor intensive, but they made an excellent jam. Would order again. Pat

Mariana Bubucea
The best

I want those tomatoes all the time

The Absolute Best

We really LOVE the tomatoes - so much so we look forward to preordering next season to be sure to get enough. SO sweet and juicy - and the flavor!!

Ann Messana
The BEST tomatoes

I order the early girls every year! Make sauce and slow roast them. Delicious!

Les Persson
Wonderful Tomatoes

Our order of dry land tomatoes had some some of the best tomatoes I’ve had since my grandmother’s garden tomatoes of my childhood.