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Organic Sun-Dried Battle of The Peaches



A combination of our two most highly coveted peaches, now dried to be enjoyed together year round. Get a mix of both O'Henry and Cal Red peaches and see which one wins for you.

First up, the O'Henry peach, sun-dried for the very first time. The true brightness really shines through once dried with a chewy texture and a sweet aroma. The lovely balance of tartness will keep you coming back for more.

The Cal Red peach hardly needs an introduction. The star peach of August, we are lucky that our Cal Red's make it to the drying table. Bite into the soft yellow dried peach and you will know why this peach sticks out as a favorite even in dried form.

One-hundred percent sun-dried, our fruit goes from the tree to the drying table without any sulfur or additives. The dried peach medallions range from golden brown to deep mahogany due to the lack of sulfur additives. These dried peaches are a seasonal selection from our many varieties of peaches that we grow. 


2 x 8oz bags (includes one 8oz bag each of both varieties)

6 x 8oz bags (includes three 8oz bags each of both varieties)

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