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Every summer, our harvest of sweet, juicy Cal Red peaches briefly overlaps with the Flavor King pluots. With this box, you get to taste the season's TWO most popular varieties in one single delivery.

For years Frog Hollow Farm patrons have called our farm office and placed an order for a custom box featuring Cal Reds and Flavor Kings - both noteworthy varieties in their own fruit groups.

A California Native, the Cal Red is hugely popular among peach connoisseurs who mark their calendars and eagerly await the arrival of this sweet and juicy peach variety each year. The Flavor King on the other hand is the best pluot we grow! It is sweet with distinct spicy notes. A perfectly ripe Flavor King pluot is dripping with juice and bursting with flavor leading to an unmatched over-the-sink eating experience.

Because we can't predict all harvest conditions, if we are unable to fulfill this variety for shipment, we will contact you. We're sticklers for quality and want to make certain you get the best pears there are!

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