Le Grande Gift Set

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This is the biggest and grandest of all gift baskets from Frog Hollow. A basket of fresh, organic apples (or seasonally ripe mixed fruit) pairs with our five best-selling fruit spreads made on-site using our own legendary fruits. Also included in this gift set is a 6 inch tin of Hungarian shortbread. An assortment of our oven-fresh cookies like pluot chocolate chip, apricot amaretti and Chocolate Ganache Linzer Cookies, baked fresh in our farm kitchen, team up with organic honey glazed almonds and chocolate toffee pistachios from Maisie Jane's California Sunshine Products to bring you a select offering of snacks that are great for any occasion. 

These products are packaged for presentation in three re-usable wire baskets for elegant presentation.

Our Le Grande Gift Set features: 

- Basket of Organic Apples or Mixed Fruit (3lbs)
- Peach Conserve (8oz)
- Apricot Conserve (8oz)
- Nectarine-Plum Conserve (8oz)
- Nectarine Conserve (8oz)
- Meyer Lemon Marmalade (8oz)
- Tin of Apricot Hungarian Shortbread (6 inches)
- Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies (4oz)
- Amaretti Cookies (4oz)
- Chocolate Ganache Linzer Cookies (4oz)
- Chocolate Toffee Pistachios (3.5oz)
- Bag of Honey-Glazed Almonds (2.5oz)

*Based on seasonality and availability, items may be substituted with a product of equal or higher value. 

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