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Amaretti Cookies

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The Amaretti is a traditional Italian treat that is often enjoyed with ice cream, fresh fruit, coffee, and tea. These almond flavored cookies are crisp on the outside while remaining slightly tender and chewy in the middle. There is a sprinkling of Frog Hollow’s dried peach and lemon zest that brings forth the legendary flavors of the Farm.

*Made with no gluten-containing ingredients.


Shipped fresh and ready to eat in a 1lb reusable tin. We make these cookies in small batches so they're always fresh. Shipments may be delayed until the following week based on availability. If you have any requirements for arrival dates, please let us know.


Almond flour, organic sugar, egg whites, almond extract, vanilla extract, organic lemon zest, organic lemon juice, organic dried apricots, and powdered sugar.

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