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Best graham cracker ever!

Best graham cracker I ever had!

Graham Crackers
Karen McCulley
Tasty Graham Crackers

Love them

Organic Apricot Conserve
Halycon Ballard
Absolutely Fabulous

Everything I have ever ordered from Frog Hollow has been excellent and the Apricot Conserve is no exception.

Organic Flavor Heart Pluots
Penny Sriyawong

Organic Flavor Heart Pluots

The Queen of the Pears

Delicious meaty juicy pear ! The Warren pear Is a complete package for me, everything about it is amazing. The best of the best! Thank you

Beyond Description They are SO good!

I will make a note in my calendar to definitely order again. I think even your description "undersold" them!!!

Organic Mixed Fruit

Excellent fruit juicy and fresh thank you

Organic Pluots
Annie Brooks
Organic Pluots

They were good, sweet. They looked different from the ones on the website. They were much darker than the ones pictured on your website.


My skin feels smooth and subtle.

A Last Hurrah...

To my mind, once the peaches disappear, Summer is over. Autumn Flame marks that point. It is a firmer peach, huskier in flavor and it reminds us, a wonderful season of peaches is coming to an end.

great fruit my favorite and my son loved them too and shared with friends.

This fruit came fast and fresh I love these green-golden plums!

Peach Tartlets
laura west
Dwkicious Tarts

These peach starts are incredible--lperfet peach to crust ratio. My favorite Frog Hollow pastry!

Little bit too tart and funny tasting.

High luxury avocados

Excellent taste and arrived in perfect ripeness.
Very expensive--a treat!

Juicy and sweet peaches

They look good and taste good. Your peaches restore my confidence in what peaches should be like. For a long time, I never purchase peaches by appearance. They always disappoint.

My entire family loves them. Just ordered more!!

Organic Yellow Peaches
kass sedgwick

They were the best peaches I’ve ever eaten

Summer Care Package
Marissa Wertheimer
No Comment

The packaged goods, granola and cookies were nice but the fruit was spoiled as there was a problem with the shipping and it was sent to the east coast and then back again to the west coast (incorrectly) so was in transit for 2 weeks before being delivered to the incorrect address with spoiled fruit. Unfortunately.

Organic Pluots
Francine Manstein
Organic Pluots

My friends said they were delicious!!

Harvest Trio Box
Anita Ventola
So juicy

Nectarine s and plums were so juicy


The way nectarines should taste….

Organic Yellow Peaches
Anneke Tabachnikoff
Amazingly delicious peaches

I am an expert on peaches. I used to eat them in the South of France and lived near Lull Fatm in Hollis NH
The peaches you sent me rival the ones from France and NH they were the best !

Organic Asian Pears
Cherry Fajardo

Sweet and juicy just how an Asian pear should be.

Organic Tomatoes
Bonnie Grogan

Total disaster tomatoes were too ripe with many burst open. Customer Service was great and got a total refund

Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dried Mango


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