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The fruit was packaged well and very good

Amazing products and service

I love these folks. The peaches are unbeatable and they are such nice people, outstanding customer service.

Small peaches

I bought these as a gift and the recipients mentioned that they tasted really good but they were extremely small peaches.

Organic Gold Dust Peaches
barbara musser
Wonderful flavor and chin dripping juice 🥤 everyone loved them.

I can’t wait for the next update on your great 🍑

Organic Goldensweet Apricots
Catherine Compere

They arrived in perfect condition and tasted exactly as advertised.

Gift for someone

They liked the cookies

Cherry Tartlets
georgia roth

Always good

Organic Goldensweet Apricots
Denise Bevington
Amazing apricots

Never thought I’d get the feeling again that I had as a child sitting in my family’s apricot tree. Eating these apricots came close - bravo Frog Hollow Farms! The apricots were in great shape and ripened well - excellent quality and packing.

Organic Goldensweet Apricots
Nancy Bittenbender
Not Ripe

Unfortunately the apricots were not ripe. I let them sit for a few days, even though I wanted to eat them right away, but they never got very ripe. Last year the apricots were bigger and much more ripe, which made them much better. For the splurge in money that I paid, I was disappointed. Is there another type I should order? I will order again next year because you are the best around.

2022 Frog Hollow Favorites | Organic Fruit Club | 7 Shipments

Tastes great

Amount of actual fruit is generous. This is one of my fav conserves; so good.

Apricot perfection!

I’ve ordered lots and lots of apricots from Frog Hollow Farm and, out of the many, all but 3 little apricots have arrived in perfect condition (a little bruised, but absolutely edible). The apricots are nestled into the box, packaged with the utmost care, & shipped across the US to me in GA. If you love fruit, you’ll love Frog Hollow Farm!

Surprised as excellent in the past.

Odd balance of fruit- 20 tiny, delicious tangerines and four peaches, one of which was rotten and moldy and three of which were mediocre in flavor. All loose in box, with a couple small pieces of tissue paper.

Best Apricots Ever

These are the sweetest, most flavorful apricots I have ever had. Some of them were smaller than anticipated, but the flavor more than makes up for it. Even the ones that aren’t fully ripe are incredible. Don’t pass these by while they are in season.

Organic Apricots
Nate & Barbie

These apricots were small but had a great flavor. The seed came away easily from the fruit. We enjoyed eating them and will order them again. We enjoyed eating them and will order them again.

Sweet Risotto Tartlets
Rachel Cronin
OMG! Sweet Risotto Tartlets

Sweet Risotto Tartlets-well my best advice is just don't buy a 6 pk! lol My mom eats very little BUT she sure eats your products no problem! For that, I am thankful. She's in her 90's with dementia. Great find!

Fruit great, UPS horrible

Fruit and Frog Hollow customer service always great but frequently letdown by UPS who recently took 6 days to deliver what was supposed to take 2 days; fruit was ruined. UPS has simply lost packages in the past. Frog Hollow always sends replacements but they shouldn’t have to do this.

Organic Goldensweet Apricots
Jennifer Kilpatrick
Delicious apricots

I have never eater fresh apricots only dried o in preserves. They had a very mild taste almost like a peach but not as sweet. I would buy them again.

Organic Goldensweet Apricots
Kathleen Williams

These were a birthday gift to my 89 year old Dad. He and Mom loved them and said they were amazing. the only downside was that about 4 of them arrived bruised and over-ripe. It’s cool in their area but the high heat in the SW may have impacted them.


We look forward to our Golden Sweets every year. The next best thing to the scarce and impossible to find Blenheims. Thank you Frog Hollow.


I was a little disappointed when I saw how small the peaches were. ……. Then I ate one!!! Gave some to our neighbors… they ordered some
I guess my question is : ARE THERE ANY MORE???

Best Apricots ever!!!!

They were so fresh and delicious!!! Best Apricots I’ve ever had.


We’re small and had a slight weird taste.

Excellent flavor!

The difference between Frog Hollow fruit and what you can get at the grocery store is FLAVOR! The Goldensweet apricots have excellent flavor, texture, and sweetness. A 3-lb box lasted a week and not one of them went bad. Loved them and will order more!

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