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Nice, would like a couple of lemons in it

Was expecting some lemons in the order, but was disappointed. The tangerines are sweet, but the skin clings to0 much to the flesh.

Best organic fruit

I have two college age kids in the northeast and it has been a long, dark, cold covid winter. Nothing has cheered them up more than the boxes of organic avocados, apples, oranges and tangerines! Thank you for the natural vitamin boosts!


Yes, these are delicious. Buy them. Buy at least 3 bags cause you'll gobble them up faster than you realize ;)


Love your avocados

Spring Care Package


This shipment was packed nicely but we found the tangerines a little bitter.

Great feedback

Frog Hollow is a favorite of mine for gift giving- the cookies and coffee I sent as a birthday gift received enthusiastic reports about their scrumptiousness! I will continue to go to Frog Hollow when I want a special gift.


These tangerines were some of the sweetest I've ever eaten! Will probably order them again. Thanks so much, Donna


Can’t stop eating these. Wish the season would last forever. So juicy and sweet and delicious!

Best blueberry tarts

These went far beyond my expectations. The product is fabulous.

Jarred Tomatoes - 2 Pack


The Apricot Conserves were just what I had been craving! The Granola is good and crunchy and surprisingly light.
The dried fruit a perfect snack in the afternoon during the 3pm doldrums. Order and enjoy.




Meyer lemon marmalade is my favorite

I wait for the time every year when this becomes available, it is so good! In addition to enjoying it on toast, it tastes great on a cracker with goat cheese, on roasted chicken, and on pork chops.

Raw Honey
raw honey not processed

I like stirring it into coffee or tea. It isn't runny or syrupy like most honeys. Taste was good and clean but not the best I have had. I'm not knocking it though!

home made taste

They are thicker than regular graham crackers, have cinnamon and sugar on top ... the taste didn't wow me though as I thought it would.


white popcorn, light and airy. A different texture than store bought. Loved it!

A hit of sunshine

Homesick for California, we ordered these little golden gems and they did not disappoint. Each one is a beautiful, golden flavor bomb. They far surpass the standard citrus available at our Midwestern grocery.

Perfect gift

I got this for my boyfriend’s family who were coming in from out of town. They absolutely loved it and were happy to have tasty and perfect fruit!!

Gave as a gift and assume they loved.

Sweet and tangy!!

Simply the best !! My kids devoured them in no time. I need to stock up fast before they run out!!

Wholesome fruit filled treat

Great for breakfast with hot coffee or tea. I added a little cinnamon and powdered sugar on top. The apricot filling was delicious.


This is my hand-down favorite and looked for a long time to find it---tasting many I would not use. I buy this each time it's available and I put it in my OO cabinet in front where I can always reach it. Even though I've bought other "OOs" {$$$$} this beats everyone of them. When it's out; I either beg---or wait. Thanks frog Hollow Farmers and Teams. Phyllis K Fess Baker

Finger limes

My son has wanted to try these for tears and they did not disappoint.

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