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The absolute best dried apricots I’ve ever had.

Excellent & addictive

Perfect balance of texture, sweetness, chuncky bits to get a nuget if you don’t want to use a spoon & color!

delicious. still having one a day.

Mixed Fruit

I ordered more fruit from you for my husband and myself and an order of mandarines for my daughter after receiving a gift order for the holidays. The gift order was phenomenal as the apples, oranges and mandarines tasted so incredibly sweet compared to our fruit on the east coast right now. My only criticism on the Mixed Fruit was the vareity we received was a little disappointing. Though the mini-apples are good, not as tasty as normal apples.

Super great fruit! Everyone loved the Red Anjou Pears!

Limited Variety

Expected more fruits.

Triple Chocolate olive oil brownies tasty

Moist and rich. Loved this treat.

Good quality fruits

The organic fruits are fresh and delicious. They are good for a long time in the refrigerator. Packaging’s clean and nice. Delivery’s fast.

Walnuts like a childhood in a walnut orchard in Los Altos

Rich, rich taste like they would standout in an oatmeal or chocolate chip cookie.

The best!

Great flavor and texture! They are yummy to eat as is or to make an apple compote.


Very good. Hope they bring these back.

Organic Red Anjou Pears

Fabulous, sweet & juicy!!

Sent it as a gift

And they loved it! Shipped quickly too. Would recommend.


The best dried apricots around. Tasty, tangy, chewy and fresh.

Amazing Avocados

The best avocados I have ever had! Every single one was perfect - soft, smooth. buttery texture and unbelievable taste.

Great gift baskets

My friends loved them!

Aromatic and delicious citrusy flavor

I’ve never tried yuzu before but heard some great things so decided to give them a try...and so glad I did! They smell and taste unique and amazing, not like any other citrus. And they make an amazing marmalade! I will definitely order these amazing fruits again.

best graham crackers ever

So good !

These dried apricots are consistently sweet and tangy. For those who appreciate the effort it takes to care for stone fruit trees, look no further and buy with confidence! I mailed out three bags to my son who is finishing up a senior thesis on the East Coast. This bit of California sunshine will get him through it. He gets one piece of fruit per page written!

Olio Nuovo (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Christmas present

My nephew and his wife loved the basket

The real thing

While we truly appreciate that there are no additives of any kind we had a hard time with the texture. They are too hard for my taste and next time we’ll stick to the pluots and peaches.


Not as sweet as my last shipment of mandarins

They were good

Organic Sun-Dried Cal Red Peaches

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