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There was more fruit than anticipated and so the cheese was eaten first. Our adult children (gift) said it was delicious. Thank you!

Organic Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Ann in Bethesda MD
Worth getting it shipped across the country!

Sampled this marmalade at a Farmer's Market in SF a few years ago and became an instant fan. Yummy stuff. I also add a bit to an orange syrup (just 2 c sugar and 1 c OJ, boiled 2 min) and it makes an amazing pancake topping

Winter Care Package
Teri Shore

I sent as a gift and recipients were very pleased. I have also sent out other gift and care packages and people always seem to love them. Maybe I should order one for myself!!!!!

Arkansas black spples

Everything good as always! This kind of old apple is very special! Delicious thanks

Worth it!

These are some of best blood oranges I've ever had! They are perfect sweet-tangy perfection!

Organic Fuji Apples

Ordered these for my grandson to be delivered to him at school. When the original order was delivered they were in really bad condition due to some type of accident that happened in the shipping process. I called Frog Hollow and the person who helped me, got a new order of apples taken care of right away while I was on the phone. And my grandson received his apples and told me they were excellent!

Lovely organic olive oil!

I previously purchased only organic olive oil from Tuscany, but I have switched to Frog Hollow’s organic olive oil which is mild but full-bodied and is excellent for cooking as well as salad dressings etc. Highly recommend!

Laine Golden

Love your granola!

Best apples ever!!

Good not great

The apples are very good first of all. They just seem to have been picked quite a while which isn't your fault. I lost my local (NC) source and they were of course crispier and more flavorful.

Pears & Cheese Box
Elizabeth Olds
feedback and question

I ordered the pears and cheese box as a gift for a friend, so I cannot comment too much on the product. My friend told me she enjoyed one of the APPLES, and was waiting for the pears to ripen, and was looking forward to the cheeses. So I am curious why apples were sent? My ordering interaction with Frog Hollow was fine, and they nicely added a gift card when I requested it. Including a gift card option on the order form would be helpful. I'll rate at 5 stars but I don't really know if that applies, since it was a gift. Thank you.

Black Arkansas Apples

This type of apple is my absolute favorite and it is great to find these wonderful apples so late in the season. Thank you very much frog hallow!

Birthday Gift to Ruby Red lover

The recipient of the gift stated that the organic grapefruit were smaller, as expected, and juicy, but not as sweet as expected. He ended up juicing them and said the juice was fabulous.


Absolutely delicious bread,, will order again,, toasts deliciously!!!!

Organic Blood Oranges
Judith Harrison

Loved the oranges 🍊

Great fresh food

Always fresh and the folks are great to work with. Reliable delivery.

Organic Kumquats
William Gonzales Jr

I was impressed by the quality of the Kumquats, they were as good as I remember buying them in California. They made great tarts. They also arrived on the date that was stated.

Organic Almonds
Nicholas Manjoine
Its nuts!

My dad loved them.

Great Bread

My go-to bread for everyday! Love the texture and taste!

Dried Peaches
Beth Schulz-Butulis
Dried peaches

I bought these for my kids but they did not like the pluots or peaches as much as the apricots.

Usually fabulous…

For some reason, my latest shipment seemed unripe or less ripe. Smaller fruit with greener flesh (not pink). More tart. Perfectly edible but not as nice as the larger, brightly variegated ones with pink flesh.

Apple Pie
I agree with the person who wrote a pie to die for!

A beautiful and truly delicious pie, thank you!

Saved out Thanksgiving

Needed help this Thanksgiving and this pie came through, plus the crust was perfection!

Apricot Conserve-sweeter than expected

This conserve has plenty of fruit pieces in its recipe ! But perhaps it is the variety of apricot used in Frog Hollow's conserve that make it quite sweet. I prefer preserves/conserve, especially apricot, that are more tart and not so sweet.

Apricot conserve

Absolutely delicious!

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