Field Trips and Farm Visits


At Frog Hollow Farm, we are passionate about including our community in our journey toward regenerative agriculture and a sustainable and equitable food system. Empowering responsible land stewardship in others is core to our mission and so we invite people from every fold of our community to join us in learning opportunities on the farm.

Frog Hollow Farm offers two types of interactive tours of our orchards followed by a hands-on workshop or activity of your choice:

1) Field trips for students. 

2) Farm visits for private groups. 

Farm visit duration: 1.5-2.5 hours.

Farm visits can be booked Monday through Friday.

Orchard tour: walk through the fruit orchard, Q & A about organic fruit tree production.

Activities: Select from our list of workshops & activities below:


Fruit Tasting and Brixing

We encourage individuals to taste test different varieties of the same fruit, in order to appreciate the complexities of each variety. For example, you can taste test our 5 different types of pluots, or compare our 3 pear varieties in the Fall. We can also walk participants through Brix testing, which is a process used to measure the sugars in fruits to determine readiness for harvest using a refractometer.

Garden Tour and Meet the Chickens

An interactive walk around the vegetable garden. Smell herbs, taste kale, look at starters in the greenhouse. Learn about and observe different crops at various stages of life. Discuss beneficial plants, pollination in the garden, and meet our family of chickens.

Scavenger Hunt in the Garden

Using clues, students will search the garden for all sorts of plants and animals. Clues will encourage students to use all of their senses; to feel a fuzzy leaf, spot a dragonfly, taste an herb or observe curly chicken feathers. Recommended for students K-4th grade.

Cooking Lesson

Learn to make and taste test a simple and healthy snack using ingredients from our farm. For example, make Kale-pomegranate salad or homemade plum lemonade (Additional cost may apply).


**Children aged 3-6 years must be supervised by 1 adult per 3 children. 
**Children 6-15, must be supervised by 1 adult per 8 children.  


For more information, pricing, and to book a field trip or tour, please begin by filling out this form and we will contact you shortly.

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