Pear Affair Box

It's a beautiful affair that started one fall afternoon over tea at Frog Hollow Farm.

A pairing of our signature Warren pears with Carmody cheese served with pear ginger cake** led to the creation of our Pear Affair box.

Our tasting team handpicked the Carmody Cheese from Bellwether Farm to pair with our sweet, non-gritty Warren pears. When served with a slice of Chef Becky's moist and lightly spiced Pear Ginger cake and a cup of aromatic, Organic Coffee this box is a sweet and spicy compotation of gourmet pairings.

[**The Pear Ginger Cake is not glazed with frosting, as seen in the picture. This cake only needs a light dusting of powdered sugar but if you'd liked to indulge, use this recipe for a luscious cream cheese frosting. We frost only the top of the cake but if you'd like to fill and frost the sides, double this recipe. Enjoy! The 6" cake serves 6-8 people.

Servings: 4-6 


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