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Organic Flavor Fall Pluots


This late-season pluot variety brings our stone fruit season to a close. These pluots are dark-skinned with a golden colored, firm, juicy flesh, with a very mild aroma, complementing an appealing, balanced sweet and tart flavor.

They're fun to share with others because no one knows what to expect from this fruit. Will it be sweet? Will it be tart? Take a bite and find out! 

Their crisp texture makes them perfect for slicing over cereal in the morning, adding to fruit salads at lunch, and serving with appetizers in the evening. They're great to bake with too.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 4-6 fruits
  • 5lbs = Approx. 9-12 fruits
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 fruits

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From our family farm in California to your door via UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment. That means, we offset the climate impact of the shipment. Carbon neutral shipping supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport. Supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction. View more details about our shipping rates, order deadlines, delivery estimates, and fulfillment schedule for our perishable vs. non-perishable products.

Customer Reviews

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Unlike anything we’ve had before.

Fall Pluots

We have been fruit from Frog Hollow Farms for a couple of years and highly recommend their fruit. We loved the Flavor Fall Pluots. I put them on my cereal every morning, very tasty.

Plums and Pomegranates

Beautiful, delicious, and beautifully packed!

In Love with Fruit Again

We live in NYC and spend time in the Hampton's through the year. We have access to great farms and local produce, but we cannot get decent fruit. We had pretty much given up, even in summer. I'd forgotten what a good peach or pluot tasted like until we got out Frog Hollow Farm delivery. The fruit is the juiciest and most flavorful we have had. Even into late Fall the stone fruits do not disappoint. We only wish it was more readily available here in the East.

Best Ever.

Finished my last Fall Pluots. So great! Can't wait until next year.

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