Organic Cherimoyas

Declared “the best fruit in the world” by Mark Twain, the cherimoya reveals tropical notes of pineapple, banana, and papaya. Although native to central America, these particular beauties were grown in California. Creamy and custardy in texture, sweet and sparkling in tropical flavor, this dinosaur egg shaped fruit is delicious out of hand or frozen to be scooped out like ice cream. Remove and discard the seeds and skin before eating.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 3-6 cherimoyas


Farm: Las Palmalitas

From: Carpinteria, California

What Are They? These softball-sized, heart-shaped fruits have a thick green skin that reveals a pale and custard-textured flesh within. The extremely delicate skin easily develops brown spots in the sun, which has no bearing on the delicious fruity flesh inside.

How to cut/peel: Like a Warren pear, you'll know a cherimoya is ripe when the skin around the stem begins to wrinkle. Slice the fruit down the middle and eat with a spoon or slice it into sections like an orange. Remove and discard the seeds and skin before eating; they are not edible.

Origins/History: The Cherimoya is believed to have originated in the Andes and Central America at altitudes upwards of 7,000ft. The name “cherimoya” comes from the Quechuan word chirimuya, meaning “cold seeds,” alluding to the fact that the seeds can germinate at higher altitudes and in colder weather.

Nutritional Value: The flesh of a cherimoya contains an abundance of antioxidants beneficial for eye and heart health, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, dietary fiber, and potassium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
George Kynl
Organic Cherimoyas

Fruit arrived on time and tasted real good

Faraj Aouad
Wow these Organic Cherimoyas were amazingly delicious

I was so excited and pleasantly surprised to receive these 6 delicious gigantic cherimoyas. They are different from the ones I grow but we’re delicious. I needed to wait a few days for them to ripen but well worth the wait. Highly recommend this exotic sweet yummy fruit.

Leslie I.
Not my fruit

They were fresh and ripe and perfectly packed to come unblemished. They smelled interesting and I took a bite and that is just not my cup of tea. I foolishly bought five based on the enthusiastic description. But that was my error. If you like cherimoyas I’m sure these are the creme de la crème

Very good - highly recommended

Ordered as a gift and well received.

Marilyn Campbell
New experience!

I've only had cherimoyas in drink préparations before ordering from you. I'm not à fan of them as a fruit for eating , but I'm glad I tried them. The custardy texture is not to my taste, but it isn't unpleasant.

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