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Organic Blood Oranges


A beautiful orange to deep red flesh is revealed when you slice open a blood orange. The flesh is firmer and more dense than an orange and its flavor is a little more tart. These beauties sweeten and darken in color as the season progresses. The color of our blood oranges is caused by temperature fluctuations. The deep red color is caused by wide variations of temperatures. Even on the same tree individual fruit that is more exposed will often have a darker color than one protected by the leaves. As a result, our organic blood oranges are all unique in their coloration ranging from light red streaking to a deep red throughout. Equally good for juicing or for eating out of hand, we particularly love them sliced over crisp bitter greens drizzled with our olive oil.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 6 Oranges
  • 5lbs = Approx. 8-12 Oranges
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 Oranges


Fruit: Blood Orange
Variety: Tarocco*
Grown: Brentwood, California
Farm: Frog Hollow Farm
What Are They? The blood orange is a natural mutation of the orange, which is itself a hybrid, probably between the pomelo and the tangerine.
Origins/History: Blood oranges may have originated in the southern Mediterranean, where they have been grown since the 18th century. They are now the primary orange grown in Italy. The anthocyanins which give the orange its distinct maroon color will only develop when temperatures are low at night, as during the Mediterranean fall and winter. Blood oranges cultivated in the United States are in season from December to March (Texas), and from November to May (California).
Nutritional Value: Blood oranges' red pigment anthocyanin is an antioxidant. Blood oranges are a source of vitamin C like all citrus fruits. Oranges can also be a valuable source of folate, calcium, and thiamine.
How to cut/peel: Blood orange can be difficult to peel by hand. With a sharp knife, follow the outer perimeter of the citrus to cut off the skin and the thin layer of pith in strips until the skin is removed from the entire citrus.
Serving Suggestions: Eaten out of hand, in salads, desserts, juices, and savory applications.

* Varieties are not guaranteed as we select the best of the harvest coming in daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Full of Flavor

I love a good blood orange. These were nicely packaged and perfectly ripened with lots of juice. I used several to marinate a chicken for roasting. The rest are my guilty pleasure with Chocolate and Mescal.

tangy and full of juice!

So grateful to have these-a winter pick-me-up!!

bloody good oranges

Gift for my uncles. They were happy.

Fabulous Tarocco Blood Oranges!

I order my fruit from Frog Hollow every year- but this was my first year trying the Tarocco oranges. So happy I did - they are incredible. The best citrus I’ve ever tasted hands down. I’ll definitely order these again next year. Bravo, FHF!

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