Mediterranean Diet Named Best for 2019

According to U.S. News & World Report, the Mediterranean Diet is the best diet in 2019. Luckily we are in a wonderful place to enjoy all the benefits of this dietary tradition which can help us and our environment thrive this year.

There are countless similarities that Northern California and the Mediterranean share that make the Mediterranean diet well suited to improving our personal health and that of our environment simultaneously.  We share similar latitude, the weather, seasonality and a population of passionate people who believe in growing, making and eating the highest quality foods.

Eating food that is grown by local farmers, caught in local waters, and raised in local pastures is not just chef-driven trend, but practice with significant history. These practices not only support for the environment, economy and our bodies but also happens to produce the most flavorful products which make it easier to eat well.

As a certified organic farm that utilizes regenerative farming practices, our hope is that the recent (and long time coming) spotlight on the health and dietary benefits of the Mediterranean diet, will not only bring positive awareness for one’s health but also to one’s community as well. The future is looking delicious at Frog Hollow Farm.

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