Conserve Collection

Fill your pantry with the warm flavor of summer-ripe fruit in all our best fruit conserves. Included in this set is our all-time favorite Apricot Conserve, bursting with the genuine flavor of our tree-ripened apricots, our famous Peach Conserve, and delicious Nectarine, Plum-Blueberry, and Nectarine-Plum conserves. Plus you get to try our tart Meyer Lemon Marmalade! Low in added sugar, and as always, made with Frog Hollow's own organically-grown fruits.

The Conserve Collection features:

  • 1 jar of our apricot conserve.
  • 1 jar of our nectarine conserve.
  • 1 jar of our plum-blueberry conserve.
  • 1 jar of our nectarine-plum conserve.
  • 1 jar of meyer-lemon marmalade 
  • 1 jar of our peach conserve
Based on seasonality and availability, jars may be substituted with other fruit conserves. Cherry flavors may contain pits.

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$58.00 USD
  • Conserve Collection
  • Conserve Collection