Build Your Own Scuffin Assortment

Frog Hollow Farm scuffins are the latest sensation in 'hybrid' foods. And now, for the first time, you can build your own Scuffin Assortment to get your favorite flavors in one box. So what is a scuffin? "(It) has a stout, sconelike dough formed in a muffin shape and a shot of fruit preserves in the center," writes New York Times blogger Julia Moskin about this pastry. 

At Frog Hollow, we traditionally served peach and nectarine scuffins only, but earlier in 2014, by popular demand, we introduced the apricot flavor. Scuffins have a dense, crumbly texture with a generous dollop of our rich, fruity conserves at the center.

Now, you can customize your scuffin box by picking your two favorite flavors or select 'All (Apricot/Peach/Nectarine)' for both flavors and get all 3 flavors in one box. 

(Recommendation: The scuffins are delicious and ready-to-eat when they arrive, but for the best eating experience, we recommend you re-heat them for 5-10 minutes at 350F. Re-heating times may vary for different appliances.)

This product is perishable and ships baked (ready-to-eat). If you would like them to ship frozen, please call toll free 1.888.779.4511 to place your order.

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  • Build Your Own Scuffin Assortment
  • Build Your Own Scuffin Assortment
  • Build Your Own Scuffin Assortment